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A collection of interviews and photographs recorded by Women's Archive of Wales in 2013-14

Random Interview

VSE017 Jim Davies, Weston's Biscuits, Pontypool;Pilkington Glass Factory, Pontypool;HG Stones, Pontypool

Jim talks of family background and Welsh language. He went to Cambridge to read medicine. In the holidays he worked at HG Stone toy factory (1956). About 8 women to every man. Female designer. He worked in patent room – describes process of making patent of teddy bear’s limbs etc. Then to stampers, cutters, stitchers on assembly, stuffers, then to inspection. Girls nice and decent. Yet some teasing. In Weston Biscuits (later Burton's Biscuits) – tannoy music playing Housewife’s Choice. Government Sponsored scheme for disabled workers in HG Stone – ‘green card’ men. Class differences in the factory and in school. Jim also worked in the biscuit factory ‘6 million eaten everyday!’ as a yard boy- empty tins flattened for scrap metal. Remembers all the women singing; class divide between office and floor. He also worked at Pilkington’s glassworks one holiday – yard boy; hard and monotonous work. Lot of cutting of glass – dangerous work. Through factory work he appreciated ‘what it was like to be at the bottom of the pile.’ They were direct, fresh and frank people. The experience stood him in good stead in his life.