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A collection of interviews and photographs recorded by Women's Archive of Wales in 2013-14

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VSW069 Carol Price, Calsonic Kansei, Felin-foel, Llanelli;Llanelli Radiators, Felin-foel, Llanelli;Morris Motors, Felin-foel, Llanelli

Carol was 16 years old when she began working at Morris Motors, Felin-foel, Llanelli in 1966. She earned £6 a week and thought she was a millionaire! She worked there for 37 years until she was 53 years old (2003). She worked initially on the shop floor assembling copper brass car radiators for Minis, Maxis and Marinas. When she left in 2003 she was working testing Audi carsí oil coolers, for Calsonic Kansei. Carol worked successively in the same factory for Morris Motors; Llanelli Radiators (1987) and Calsonic Kansei (1989-)
Factory floor at Morris Motors, showing the assembling of copper brass radiators; c. 1970. Carol Price is in the second row, wearing spectacles. 
Workers on the factory floor at Morris Motors, assembling radiators.Workers on the factory floor at Morris Motors, assembling radiators.A leaving do for a factory worker at Morris Motors c. 1980s. In front of the group we see a jig - the copper brass was placed within the jig to assemble the radiator.Workers working under the new Calsonic Kansei system of production in 1995; see the Union Jack hats to remember the fiftieth anniversary of D-Day.Carol Price testing the Audi oil cooler in a different part of the Calsonic Kansei factory in 2003. If the tester turned blue it denoted that the cooler had passed the test.