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A collection of interviews and photographs recorded by Women's Archive of Wales in 2013-14

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VSW025 Beryl Evans, Ina Bearings, Bynea

Beryl left school at 14, and worked in the Felin-foel brewery, 1941-8, before getting married. Her husband didn’t like women working in factories. Then she lost her husband and she had to go to work in INA Bearings to maintain the family. She was on inspection there. She talks about the factory nurse, the noise of the machines, clocking in, the children’s Christmas parties, getting a clock for long service and trips. She left the factory in 1982.
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INA Bearings Factory  workers on a trip to Blackpool, 1975Children's Christmas party, Ina Bearings Factory, Llanelli, 1977Beryl Evan's certificate for 10 years service at INA BearingsThe INA Bearings factory opening in 1966, Beryl with Jim Griffiths MP and the Manager