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A collection of interviews and photographs recorded by Women's Archive of Wales in 2013-14

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VSW002 Elizabeth Mary "May" Lewis, Modern Folding Doors, Tumble;Morris Motors, Felinfoel Llanelli

Although she passed into the grammar school, May didn't go to it, but left school at 14 (1938). She apprenticed as a dressmaker. During the war she worked in Morris Motors (c.1940-5) good money, making car radiators. She worked on Saturday mornings 'full of curlers'. The supervisors were very strict no talking. She had to ask the managers' permission to marry. She married and left. In Morris Motors she wore trousers for the first time. There wasn't a bath in her home. They had fun Xmas time. She worked in Hadfield (a shop) making curtains (c.1958-). She moved to the Folding Doors Factory c.1965 (until ?1968) on the machine stitching the doors. Unions and an accident there. Her husband was a coalminer he lost his leg. She was made redundant. She describes meeting her husband and her married life.
Girls at the  Modern Folding Doors Factory, Tumble