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A collection of interviews and photographs recorded by Women's Archive of Wales in 2013-14

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VN032 Rosie Jones, Langefni Milk Factory, Llangefni

Rosie worked at the Llangefni creamery straight from school, in 1957. She got the job after hearing at school that there were jobs going in the milk factory, she thinks, in the morning assembly. She had gone for a job in a bank but preferred the factory job because she wanted to be connected to agriculture, coming from a farming background. The Milk Marketing Board owned the factory. Se felt nervous at first, being with others after being on her own. She had a period of training and three months probabation, and she enjoyed working there as it was a very pleasant place to work. Some of the older girls had been there since the beginning and new girls often got the jobs they didn't want to do. But everyone was helpful and friendly. The girls who tested the milk had to have a colour blindness eye test, because they used litmus paper that changed to different shades of blue. So the girls had to have good eyesight. At one time, Cadbury's owned it and the factory made chocolate and biscuits as well as producing milk for domestic use and schools. She met her husbsand there. She left the factory in 1967 because she wanted to earn more money and got a good job with the County Council.
Rosie and Mair Griffiths at work, 1950s